Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dinner with Lt. Gov Walter Dalton between $250 & $4g

from the Equality NC website,

Don't miss this very special opportunity to meet with Lt. Gov. Dalton and enjoy a terrific meal with friends and family.

At the High Point home of
Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams
402 Shadow Valley Rd.
High Point, North Carolina
Exceptional meal prepared by MGBW Executive Chef Sean Robinson

so just how much will this dinner cost???

Host $4,000
Sponsor $2,000
Patron $1,000
Friend $500
Supporter $250
(*Minimum contribution $250 per person)

Just another Gay Inc event design to keep most of the community away..

look just who is sponsoring this event,

John Arrowood (lawyer/judge), Lee Carter & Greg Bradley, Bob Page & Dale Frederiksen (Replacements, Ltd owners), Joni Madison & Gina Kilpatrick, Andrew Spainhour, Mitchell & Tim Gold, Bob Williams(co-founder and President of Design for Mitchell Gold) & Stephen Heavner.

These are the A-list Gays here in NC.. If you don’t get their approval for your events or local community centers, it just doesn’t happen.. This is Gay INC here in NC.

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