Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Qnotes picks and chose which Events are more worthy to write about.

Did you know that every year here in NC there is two Pagan Pride events? However if you go by Qnotes the only main one is the one Dallas NC, the Piedmont Pagan Pride Day.

The two Pride are as follow, Raleigh Pagan Pride, which used to Central Pagan Pride and the Piedmont Pagan Pride, the Piedmont Pride is held one week after Raleigh’s Pagan Pride.

This year Lainey Millen wrote about this event, she wrote the piece on the starting day of the Raleigh Pagan Pride day. however as seen in the screen shot below Raleigh PPD was more or less a foot note. You see only those events West of Raleigh is important to Qnotes, those events in Charlotte gets top billing..

Yet they claim to cover all of the North Carolina, but the truth is that they only cover Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro follow by Durham and Raleigh and if you live in Eastern NC just forget it, cause you are a waste of time and money.. They also cover any major GayINC events.. the rest just get foot notes.. in their paper and online.

Charlotte_ Pagans hold Pride event _ QNotes Gay Charlotte and LGBT Carolina News, Arts & Entertainment_1348673772772.png

also let it be known that the Raleigh PPD is much larger then the Piedmont PPD event.. this Year Raleigh PPD was the largest ever.

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