Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gay Org's Selling out the Community they serving for personal gains

From the NG BLOG,

Charles Lynn Frost is an award-winning playwright and businessman. He has served as board member for the Utah Pride Center and Equality Utah. He's also better known to many as Sister Dottie Dixon.

In an opinion piece printed or posted at the Salt Lake Tribune, Mr. Frost is none too happy with a compromise between Utah State Republicans and Democrats not to bring up gay rights legislation until 2011. Equality Utah apparently supports the compromise.

According to one blogger, "Equality Utah's year long moratorium LGBT on introducing legislation in exchange for no right wing attack is a sell out."

Shocker huh? Gay activists selling out others for personal or professional gain. It's not like it's happenned before you know...

Remember last Year HRC was Protested by the Trans Community for selling them out in DC... Why do we keeping giving them money???? 

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