Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photographing your child = you are a paedophile

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Remember what ever happen in Fucking England will happen here soon, In England if you photograph your child on a coin operated horse you are now a Paedophile.. If i was the father I would sue the hell out of the mall on and so-call rent a cop for every he fucking own...

this is the photo, then again we only have a bunch of fucked up parents for this crap...

Outside of the mall, Kevin was stopped by a police constable who had received a complaint from mall security that a suspicious potential paedophile had been taking pictures on its premises. The PC threatened to arrest Kevin "for creating a public disturbance" and ordered him to delete the photo of his son. The PC also averred that the Bridges Shopping Centre is a hotbed of paedophile assaults. 

Who is the real Paedo.. and all those whom watch their fellow citizens on those CCTV's

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