Friday, February 26, 2010

Pam's undies in a nut over a Micky D's commerical

Here is the ad

Now I see nothing wrong with this Ad, However Ms Pam seems to think McDonald's is only targetting Blacks for this Ad. And that their Food is fattening.

First off no one from McDonalds is forcing you to buy their nuggets, and other items. I see that she not after soft drinks companies, since their products also a cause of fattening people up. However the main thing about this ad that pissing her off is that its targeting black folks, by using black actors/Actress in and that it a chili sauce.

the serious issues of childhood obesity, heart health and high blood pressure that are devastating minority populations disproportionately is clearly not something McDonalds wants to touch with a ten-foot pole. Its cheap mostly unhealthy food (yeah, there are a few salads and grilled offerings) is readily available in most minority communities. Good luck finding any good grocery store, never mind a Whole Foods.

Now we see why she is piss, folks are not going to the grocery or a Whole Foods store and then going home and cooking for their families. I can bet that even she does eat out at some type of fast food store, Hell, most prepare foods you buy in Store have high level of salt in them.. Also You will find Micky D's in every community, not just the damn poor ones...

Wait, I miss it, here is the main reason why she hates it, no large people in it...
It's no mistake that those two chili sauce-loving people in that commercial are slim and attractive. A realistic portrayal would have some extra pounds carrying people bellying up to the counter for those McNuggets. But as we know, marketing isn't about reality.

Then I guess she hates all the ads for cloths, shoes, and make up..

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