Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gender-neutral pronoun usage

The folks over at Trans Issues Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the gender-neutral pronoun usage guide. You can download it at : : Must not like themselves to much, since they want to rewrite noun and pronoun, and the english language all together.

If the only way you can like yourself is my creating new terms then you are mentally off... please go and see a doctor.

These terms are just as stupid including the following to LGBT/QSA and those that I might have left out

Subject: He, She – Ze (“zee”)

Object: Him, Her – Hir (“hear”)

Possessive adjective: His, Her – Hir (“hear”)

Possessive pronoun: His, Hers – Hirs (“hears”)

Reflexive: Himself, Herself – Hirself (“hearself”)

I have no problem calling a male to female a she, or a female to male a he. To create a new term is the only way you can feel good about being gay are a lesbian, then you need some counseling and just maybe some meds..

We need to stop making up term to please ourselves.

Now a special interest group don't like us to be call homosexual. This is our scientific name, just like those that follows

like humans are called Homo sapiens
Balaenoptera musculus - Blue whale
Panthera leo - Lion
Panthera onca - Panther
Panthera pardus - Leopard

So see we all have a common name and a scientific one. Creating a new name for your self will not erase your past or who you are, so effing deal with or simply stay in your

if you want you can check out the piece about this over at Qnotes

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