Friday, July 30, 2010

As you know NOM is coming to Raleigh

Once I learn they were coming I set a Face Book Event to hold a counter-protest. A few individuals basically told me that we as a group didn't have what it takes to hold this protest against a national group.

I canceled my event to only learn later that others have created four events all with different names. How nice.

Anyway there was a face book discussion on this matter, basically it got to point that I had to delete, however the person whom I'm really talking about reply to another post on the matter.

It’s seemed to me that our LGBT community here in NC is for the most part are in the dark following blindly those whom appointed themselves as our leaders, who are support by the rich A ‘list Gays and a few Lesbians. The others who do thinks for themselves and goes against them are blackball and harass for their' beliefs.

So in our collective communities it seems that we must now get permission from this A'list of LGBT, before someone can hold and organize a protest against anti-gay, anti-marriage groups that might and will come to town.

I was told that our local ENC was working with FTM (freetomarry) group, yet FTM the last time I check didn't even have NC list on their site.
Ian Palmquist:

"Equality NC is coordinating a response in NC. We are talking to FTM, but it will be an NC-lead event that works for NC."
Yet all I hear from ENC was from Ms Mann who wrote on Face book about a Truth squad to talk to the media. I can only guess they don't want the media to talk to the everyday gay or lesbian.
Ian sent you a message.

Re: NOM Rally in Raleigh this august

I think you misunderstand. ENC is organizing a response for NC that works for NC; we are working with FTM to better understand what NOM is doing in the rallies around the country before they get to NC and learn from other organizers.
Ok, first off, NOM isn't a new anti-group that just pop up this year in country. If the folks at ENC need a new group to teach them about NOM then they are not doing their job. I will say I never met Ian in Person; however I did watch him talk to the folks at the NC4Marraige last year in Raleigh. I wasn't impressed at all.

Then there this,
"The NOM tour is a national event with national implications. It makes sense for Freedom to Marry to counter each NOM event. I'm not saying let people speak for us but really come on now: isn't it smarter to work with each other instead of against? Why are you always so confrontational to friends and foes alike? "
Sometime it is good and better to work with other groups to achieve ones goals. However here in NC we have too many outside groups speaking for us and tell us what we should do.

For the second part, I'm not always confrontational, but as he point out I do it to both friends and foes, I'm more constant then most of the so-called gay activists that we follow. I won't name names here. But we know whom I speak of.

Getting back the NC4Marriage rally last year, which I was sad that they didn't hold one this year. I took over 500 photos at this really, both of the people whom were bused in, and of the few folks whom decide that they should be there to counter them. ENC response was to have us come to the day of Action, where many of those whom were at the rally was there to speak with their Representative. So this was no gain event.

I did let a certain person know this, I told him that he could used any of my photos that he wishes, however he was only interested if the group did get arrested when they try to march in the rally area, I can only guess since there was no arrest then it was not news worthy, then again he finds anything east of 95 the same way. However he did report of the Prop8 protest and one other event in the east.

Here are the links that Ms Mann provided
Rebecca Mann commented on Equality North Carolina's wall post:

"There are several individuals and groups organizing NOM counter-protests (links to their pages below). ENC will have a "truth squad" there to speak with media, but otherwise is directing people to the grassroots efforts that others have put together.

Hope to see you there... that is if the A'Lister's tell you; when you ask, that you may attend.

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