Friday, July 9, 2010

Shocking news from Charlotte, not really

Recently I try to set up a counter protest against NOM marriage rally which will be in Raleigh this August, to said that certain parties/people didn't want this, but want to let Freedom to Marry speak for the whole LGBT community here in NC. Why you might ask?

Because NOM's rally hold national implications, this person thinks that we (the community) here in NC can't manage a simple protest. That, we don't even know how to set up a counter protest here in NC by ourselves.

Now over at Q-notes (which should change their name back to Queen city notes) have a piece on Operation Save America. Where they will be protesting in Charlotte, the editor notes that some groups have set up workshops and training sessions, but mention that the LGBT community hasn't done shit. This is shocking for Charlotte, where the editor of Qnotes make that community out as the best in the state... I can only guess the big fat cat gay money people haven't sent them the check yet so they can hold or even set up this protest.

What more shocking is the following?
ENC is organizing a response for NC that works for NC; we are working with FTM to better understand what NOM is doing in the rallies around the country before they get to NC and learn from other organizers.
So now we need another group to tell us all about NOM. Is NOM new on the scene, did they just pop up this week, no they have been around for a while now. We know what they are all about and what they will and might say at said rallies. If the folk at ENC need to learn about NOM from another group then they are not doing their jobs at all.

Equality NC is coordinating a response in NC. We are talking to FTM, but it will be an NC-lead event that works for NC
Well I'm glad they can get a response from FTM on these rallies since they won't ask my emails or face book post asking for info on these events. I can only guess since I'm not with a group or have a lot of $$$$$$$$$$ available I and others just don't matter.
No one is going to speak for us. Ian said they are working with FTM to organize an NC-led event
So, only a national group are allow to set up protests in our community, this from a person who believe the NC LGBT community starts of 95 and those in east of 95 just doesn't matter since it would take adding all the LGBT members of the east to equal the size of the LGBT communities at are in Charlotte and Raleigh.

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