Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gay Shame at work

One of the folks in the above picture seem to have wish there weren't there..

Yes I have receive an email ask the following

Hi Sickntired

I would like to make the following request regarding this album.
Please don't share this with anyone
Please don't make this public
Please don't display name tags

Please contact me if you would like any additional information. Thank you for your consideration.

Now this person could be a str8 support, if so then they must nolonger what to be.
Then again this person might have jump the fence for a while.
What ever the case, I did untag, and remove their name. I shouldn't have since this was a public protest, and privacy issues doesn't apply.

Better yet this person is searching for a job and doesn't want anyone to know they attend public protests.

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