Friday, October 8, 2010

It gets Better Video's only half the truth

Yes go to Youtube and see them, Most are Actor/rapper and so recently out of the closet..
What they don't tell you is If you can make it through the High shool/ college bulling, You have yet to meet the bulling from you own community.

The LGBT community is more cruel then any person in school. Where you are called Faggot, Queer and so..

Now you have to face all the other types, your not sexy enough, your manhood doesn't measure up, you don't have the right type of body.. This is Very true in NY, FL and CA.

Where youth and a killer body is all that matter..

To prove my point, KC has a boytoy model as his new bf, really, that young man would never give any other older guy the time of day. But since KC is rich, the young man is using him to advance his modeling career...

so you have to face the high bullies to be able to face and handle the gay community.. Because are the worst of all bullies...

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