Saturday, October 2, 2010

Qnotes Editor apologize for a reader comment (that he felt he shouldn't have published)

Well it would seem there is some apologizing going on over the almost statewide LGBT Newspaper Q-notes.

What’s going on, one might ask. It seems that Q-notes very young editor feels bad about publishing a comment on Charlotte GL Center Chair. Claiming, the comment was inappropriate for publication in their print edition’s “TalkBack” section.

However the comment is not on their site only in print,
***Pride Charlotte feedback
In response to our Sept. 18 article on Pride Charlotte, two readers say:
I wish Pride a lot of luck this year because there are a lot of people in this community who won’t go near anything that Denise Palm Beck touches. I’m on the fence.
— Billy j, web, Sept. 18****
He has reach out to Denise and offered her his personal apologies and to those whom might have been offended by his decision…

So let see if I have this correct, now we can’t make personal comments on others in our community!

Especially those who work and plan events in our community centers. As I said in my comment to the article, Maybe Billy J has information that he knows and didn’t share. Maybe Billy was right in his opinion about Denise. However if this editor feels that he did something wrong then maybe he’s not the best person to be the editor of Q-note.

If he can pass judgment on someone he was never met, but feels guilt when he decide to publish a comment from someone in the community about someone he might know – then he simply need to stand down. If he doesn't have a problem telling a complete strange how he feels then he need to work that ability into his editor's life...

*(note quote is from the print copy of qnotes.. can be found in the pdf edition as well) quote used under fair usage cause...

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