Friday, April 22, 2011

Comic’s on Notice don’t fuck with the Dykes in Canada…

This post could also be named with the LBGT Community standard be the Death of Free Speech in Canada and USA????

VIA the Advocate, My FoxLA, and Vancouver Sun.
- ((from left) Guy Earle and Lorna Pardy, photo credit to it owners taken from the

Proving that the Canada BC Human Right Tribunal is a full fucking idiots. 
VANCOUVER -- A Toronto comedian and Vancouver restaurant owner were ordered to pay $22,500 by a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal on Thursday after the standup comic hurled a torrent of sexual insults at a woman and her same-sex partner during a comedy show three years ago.
Yes, another damn fucking D*ke Bitch who can’t take a joke is suing.

I have to wonder will LGBT Equality Rights be the final cut that Kills Free Speech in North America?? If so then I don’t want equality, I would RATHER HAVE MY FULL RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH, THEN EQUALITY.

The asshole who made the ruling Murray Geiger-Adam, said the following
“His attack showed every sign of being calculated to inflict as much damage as possible, in as short a time as possible, on her greatest vulnerabilities,” he wrote in the decision.
Geiger-Adams ordered Earle and Ishmail to pay a total of $22,500 for lost wages and for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect.

Just how did she have lost wages.. If this bitch so fucking delicate then she need to keep her sorry ass at home where it belongs. Then she pay the victim card, Look at me I’m a woman who can’t fend for myself.. yes I want to be equal to men, but I still want special protections since I a female.. 

Charles Demers, a Vancouver-based comedian, writer and political activist, said the case sets an unsettling precedent for comedians.
“This ruling is going to have an impact on professional comics who are now going to have a harder time starting up in new venues,” Demers said.
So I guess Clay Aiken will be suing Kathy G, for her remaks on his name Gay Aiken..

Also why so long,
Pardy said Earle directed homophobic and sexist insults at her when she was a patron, and he was the master of ceremonies at an open mic comedy show at the restaurant in 2007.
Comedic performer Ruven Klausner said while Earle might have offended and embarrassed Pardy, he doesn't believe Earle violated her human rights.

so will lgbt rights to equality = the death of free speech??

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