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DSC_0096The Voter Photo ID Bill being rammed through our legislature is a bad idea.

Despite a total lack of evidence that voter fraud is a problem in North Carolina, Republicans are pushing a bill that would cost North Carolina millions to implement, disenfranchise honest citizens, and make voting a bigger hassle for everyone.

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AmendmentPostcard2011Equality NC this Mouth had held town hall meeting to discuss Anti-Gay marriage amendment, that was recently refiled again this year.  Equality North Carolina held town hall meetings to rally support against a pair of “Defense of Marriage” acts recently introduced in the state legislature. Both acts would amend the state constitution to prohibit recognition of marriage between gay and lesbian couples; the Senate version would also prohibit other forms of relationship recognition such as civil union or domestic partnership.

Gay Inc sees opportunity in Kobe Bryant slur: HRC's Joe Solmonese had a phone call with Bryant. GLAAD to work with NBA, L.A. Lakers. (so glad that gay inc doesn’t exist..)

The sport is out raged that Kobe, used the F-word, wow.. I guess now Glaad and the Rest of Gay Inc will demand that he goes into rehab,, for using a slur.. Gay INC and GLAAD need a get a fucking life and move on..
"Discriminatory slurs have no place on or off the court," said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. "Professional sports players need to set a better example for young people who use words like this on the playground and in our schools, creating a climate of intolerance and hostility. The LA Lakers have a responsibility to educate their fans about why this word is unacceptable."
GLAAD has reached out to the L.A. Lakers and will provide updates on as they become available.
Recently, GLAAD has worked with sports groups including the New York Yankees, the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) and the Hershey Bears to address issues of homophobia in sports. The Hershey Bears, top minor league affiliate of the Washington Capitals, told GLAAD this week the team would be taking steps to put a stop to anti-gay taunts from fans.
Please Bitches, Glaad and other Gay Inc Groups can’t event get the damn closet assholes to come out, and now they think they are fucking God of what is and isn’t acceptable.

NOMMaggie Gallagher, the chairman of the board for the National Organization for Marriage, is scheduled to testify Friday at a House subcommittee hearing titled "Defending Marriage."

The panel testifying before six Republicans and four Democrats on the subcommittee will also include Ethics and Public Policy Center president Edward Whelan (a fellow marriage equality opponent), and Carlos Ball, a Rutgers Law School professor who will testify that President Barack Obama and his Justice Department were correct in calling DOMA unconstitutional. In February, the administration announced it would no longer defend the 1996 law in court.

Just who does this bitch thinks she is, “Sonja Morgan, one of the newer cast members on The Real Housewives of New York, declared herself a gay icon on Thursday's episode of the popular reality show.”

Olson and Boies file motion to release Prop 8 tapes
Maryland State Senate President Mike Miller: Transgender Civil Rights Are "Anti-Family"
At London's "Snog-A-Thon": Although London's John Snow Pub locked their doors rather than allow ga...

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Youtube/google contuine to censor videos,
Although it's been mirrored elsewhere, YOUTUBE has apparently deleted Apple's contribution to the It Get's Better Project under the guise the video violated YouTube's policy of depiction of harmful activities.

Mirror, which YouTube left up:
So what the Fuck is going on at YouTube???????

It would seem that Jeremy is piss off once again for not getting credit for his bitching and whining..
Poor Jeremy Hooper… First Chick Fil-A and now this.
Okay, first off, not gonna lie: I'm pretty pissed about being shut out of Eve Conant's Newsweek/Daily Beast story on Louis Marinelli's NOM defection/. Louis gave me the exclusive interview, after months of intense coordination, and this site broke the story before his own blog post (again, something we the two of us has coordinated). And in fact, had it not been for my effort on the day before the story went live, this whole thing was in danger of falling through. So for this site and/or its writer to not be mentioned in this MSM writeup of how this all came to be? It's really not okay.
Being an shameless opportunist is nothing new for Jeremy Hooper, by the way. Not that it matters to anyone else, but I’ve known this since late November 2007 when instead of being a friend or ally when I was being attacked by anti-gay activist,  he was just looking for hits to his blog and demanded I make myself amenable to him.

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