Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This and That

@ncgovoffice: 37k are losing unemployment b/c of political game played by the #NCGA. 2 real ppl tell their stories:

Republicans repeatedly rejected Dem amendments for clean, standalone bill, that would separate budget & unemployment benefit issues. #ncga

Scott Mooneyham's take on the recent political doings between the #NCGA GOP leadership & #NCGOV Perdue (D)
Higher Power Bills for North Carolinians are Coming!
Drug treatment court, family court targeted by lawmakers seeking budget cuts.
Okay, so who will be the one to attack this as being counterproductive?
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BREAKING: Lakers’ Kobe Bryant fined $100K after GLAAD speaks out..

over at Joes blog I love this quote about the Kobe Bryant issue. Also at Joes; Pete Labarbera is piss about Glaad Award that Joe won.. Which in a strange way is correct.. Glaad has many times shown its double face… 

Just what we need a lazy Wednesday after,, Aliens,, video only

Biden: Republicans now 'out of the closet' with their plan to end Medicare

Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Gaga, Gay Activism

This Story “LGBT Social Media Ethics: Please Don’t Post That!” is a borderline Gay Inc at work.. what is your take?

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself._1302626867794

Obama Ape - Racist Tea Party Email

Deadly NC tornado rages in Sanford, Raleigh leaving massive destruction

Video by Steven Hoag: Wilson NC Tornado AS IT HITS WALGREENS

More Teen Suicide In Conservative Areas

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