Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Matt Doesn’t like others point of View..

QN2010_logo_web_greenaeBack in April 2nd  issue, Matt wrote as Editor’s the following column, “Marching backward to the beat of a despotic drum,” that attempts to write discrimination into state constitutions across the nation could.

A guy name Steve posted a comment, click here to see full comment.
Well it would seem this comment has got Matt’s knickers in a knot..

That he had to address this 18 days later on Qnotes, See post here. See Quote from Matt about post
The column was, admittedly, facetious — at least, in part. I’m more optimistic than to think our nation is completely headed to hell; unlike Tea Partiers, Birthers and other similar ilk, I believe our nation is ultimately on the right track, primarily because I still believe in the power of our democracy, the power of people to make change and the power of right to triumph over evil. I’ve often taken Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous words to heart: “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”
So what pissed Matt off, this is a small part of it,
I am gay, and I oppose gay marriage, as do many normal gay people. I will work hard to have my point of view heard here in NC, so that we can finally pass a marriage amendment here. I grew up in Massachusetts and really don’t feel like seeing my new home state slide downhill as well.

Instead of trying to scare people into agreeing with you, maybe you should start having a responsible dialogue with people. This article is not responsible, and quite frankly is despicable because it represents one of the worst forms of fear-mongering and smearing of political opponents that I have ever seen.

The only true bigot is you, and those like you who continue to try and paint anyone who doesn’t agree, including good Christian people, as tyrants. I am confident that the truth will win out, and that North Carolina voters will overwhelmingly pass a marriage amendment in 2012. I also predict that eventually, Iowa and New Hampshire will repeal their gay “marriage” laws as well, since the people there never wanted it in the first place.
Of course he had to get the final word in,,
Me? I’m harming the gay community? Ha!
Sometimes it’s necessary for me to call people out when they are off-the-wall crazy or just downright wrong. (Our commenter, in this case, seems to be both former and latter.) Once more, I’ve been vindicated. Our commenter would like to think all is peachy-keen in our nation. Unfortunately, LGBT equality remains under attack, in very real and substantial ways.
In my opinion Steve has a point, I sure many Gay couples out there really don’t want to be married. He is also correct that the LGBT community and Gay Inc., does and is painting everyone who doesn’t agree with the statue quo as Tyrants and bigots, which I an equally guilty of myself.

But, Matt only see the world thru his rose colour Glasses and thru the memos and talking points from Gay Inc.

I don’t know if Matt is truly harming the Community at large, but here in NC, we know he as editor of Qnotes, could careless what happens east of Interstate 95..

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