Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gay Inc Queen bee: Pam Spaulding name calling on G+

The recent sellout, Gay Inc Queen Bee Pam has lower herself to name calling on members of our community, simply because a gay male community member doesn’t support Gay Marriage..

I support our (community) fight for marriage equality, even though my partner and I might not ever tied the knot. After 16yrs why change what we have.. Its works for us.. We have a home together and banks accounts too, and legal papers, – this is good enough for us. I know others wants to get married.. But even many str8 couple are just happy living together without getting marry.

The Washingtonblade did an Interview with former US Rep Robert Bauman who left congress after a gay sex scandal in the early 80’s.

Because of his line, Pam via Gay INC sends out gay on gay name calling,

“I have never supported gay marriage,” he said. “To me, marriage is between a man and a woman. I don’t think you can replace centuries of religious tradition when it comes to marriage. It does not include two people of the same sex.”

Yes Pam took to her G+ account started the name calling..

see screen shot here.

Google _1328124793816

really Pam, “sad old queen”, sound like a republican speaking, didn’t you go to RightOnline meet up while you were at Netroot Nation ??? having secrets meeting with you white right wing nutters.. Like in Dallas.. 

See Pam plays both side of the fence..

 Fullscreen capture 212012 30714 PM.bmp

going to both like a good little spy..

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  1. Pam Spaulding is preventing me from following her on G+; I suppose it's precisely for this reason and many others.

    This is the last person who should be making comments on anyone especially given her ties to gay hate groups.


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