Monday, January 30, 2012

A $-raising Reception to Defeat the Amendment. Its RGWF-Rich Gay White Folks)..

yes it is really.. this fundraising is being held in a private home, with the low end is $50 bucks.. but they really are seeking the very high end.. Just like HRC and Equality NC Galas, they only want a certain class of folks.. and if you are not in the field they don’t have time for  you..

(1) A Fundraising Reception to Defeat the Amendment_1327941750912

This fight is all about those with the means. They don’t care for the lower class people in NC.. Nothing is being plan of Eastern NC, expect in Greenville, NC.

Equality NC is behind Protect NC families which is doing race to the ballot..

They care more for their corporate donator then the people they claim to work for.

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