Friday, February 17, 2012

Race to the Ballot Rocky Mount nonexistent Event

recently I sent this email

Fullscreen capture 2172012 103216 PM.bmp

there is hardly any info on this event, no event page on Facebook, no announcement in the Local newspaper, and its not listed on the group site that is hosting this event in Rocky Mount.

I did find the info after some major searching.

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See to Protect NC Families, Equality NC, Racetotheballot, and Rocky Mount Pflag who are so on the down low that I never knew Rocky Mount had a Chapter till two years ago, after living in RMT for 10 years off and on.. 

so, no notice and hosted by a group who doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves, just how big of an impact will this event have in Rocky Mount. Yes, RMT does have a very Large anti-gay churches in it.. could this be why?

as of date, no one has reply, but then again it was me who is doing the asking?? After this past fall incident with Equality NC I can guess why don’t won’t respond to my emails..  But they do share Qnotes, well qnotes ex editor belief that Eastern NC is a waste of time and money. Could this explain why ENC doesn’t hold events in the East unless its at ECU..


UPdate:: I found the info.. and it isn’t PFLAG THAT HOSTING.. SORRY FOR THE MIS-INFO…

It seems I was correct earlier.

Upcoming Events - The Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families_1329539378520

ok Rocky Mount once had a thriving LGBT Community, but not any more..

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