Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gay Bashing Str8’s, who knew?

Welcome 2015..

Over at Qnotes there is a piece talking about the new Speaker of the House of the NCGA, and his anti-gay past.. I guess it took a while for Matt and NC Gayiner’s to put this piece together.

So Moore, supported the State Anti-LGBT marriage amendment, didn’t think a LGBT group at college should get funds.

he has this to say on the matter,

“At the heart of the issue was the belief that we shouldn’t use taxpayer dollars or student fees to fund a gay and lesbian group, as well as a lot of other groups for that matter,” Moore told the Raleigh paper.

He has stated that he would continue to defend the state Anti-gay marriage amendment.. So, now NC GayInc is after him.. what is he to do??

Here comes Equality NC,

Advocates for LGBT equality in the state said Friday they were disappointed with Moore’s comments.

“I think what was troubling is that Moore doubled down on his comments instead of apologizing for them at this point in 2015,” Equality North Carolina Executive Director Chris Sgro told qnotes.

Yes, you see you must bow down and kiss gayinc ass for your past mistakes.. NOT!!!

This Piece is you usual attack piece from GayInc here in NC.

But what is shocking is the Str8 bashing in the Comments.. (see I can’t comment on any piece at Qnotes, cause the truth hurts, and they can’t stand it).

see screen shot of the comments, screenshot1

now if this was the other way around, Matty would have deleted the comments asap, So we have (assuming these are gay folks) laughing at a str8 maybe), and stating that he need to just to come out..

See, folks, GayInc want you to believe that all LGBT folks are not bigots, or bullies, and so, that we are good little boys and girls, with not one evil bone in our bodies.. When the truth that we bully our own, that we support gay on gay hate crimes, that we just as anti-(anything) just like everyone else.

We are our own worst enemy. we bash each other, we use those slurs that we don’t want others to call us. Yes, you know them, Fag, Faggot, cocksucker, bitch, dyke, slur, and the list goes on and on.

See we are like ex-gay is a scam, while we support gay for pay men are not bi or gay, they are jus doing it for the money.. Bullshit, most of these fuckers are gay, just don’t want the title. The others are just using our community..

we are just like everyone else in the world, no better, no worst..

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