Thursday, January 29, 2015

Matt Comer calling for a boycott of a Whole Shopping Center, solely because of who owns it.

GayInc’er Matt Comer of Qnotes/blogger is calling for a Boycott of a Shopping Center because it will be own by an Anti-gay NC Baptist Convention member. Yes The Elevation Church is buying The Matthew shopping center.

Because of this Matt, wants all of Charlotte LGBT member to boycott the center, in essence blaming the shop owner for who owns the property..


so what does his Facebook Followers thinks of this? ( no names will be shown)

one don’t know why a man of God need a shopping center. Another wonder how many meals $10.2 million can feed. However this one is right on point,

The businesses at the shopping center have no control over who owns the property, and they certainly don't have any control over the religious viewpoints of a church. Boycotting those businesses does nothing but hurt the people who own them and work there. Boycotting them is about as silly as the now-defunct boycott against Disney World because of Gay Days.

so what was Matty’s reply,

feel free to give your money, however inadvertent, to a church that assists in advocating against your civil rights. I'll have no part in it.

Most shocking is the support from another LGBT activist.. for this action

Businesses tend to be more cautious about getting into politics than tax exempt churches. Some boycotting and protesting never hurts when they start getting in bed with bigots

to see post yourself, its is a public post, click here,,,

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