Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buyer beware of Satellite Internet Service

If you are one of those people whom is considering get the so-called high-speed internet by satellite, don't this is a complete rip off. Their services are no better then dial up internet service. Customer service is another complete joke. I get better service from my toilet, then them.


No, matter what they will lie to you. We ask would it go out in the rain, "No" is what we were told, boy three clouds is enough interrupt your signal, which mean no internet, damn, at least it take a major down pour to knock out dish network and Direct TV out.


The free insulation is also a complete lie, only if they can mount it on your roof, if not then it will cost you over $150, for a pole and some cement, I kid you not. Also if you need more than 75 feet of cable, that will cost you as well.


Let not forget that you have a running thirty-day usage quota, which is about 1.5 g in thirty day period, so not downloading of movies from the I-Tunes. You would also need to watch how many video you watch on YouTube as well.


Then there is the problem with WebPages not loading completely which they claim is your computer fault, not that their servers cut you off, forcing you to reload the page, which goes against your usage quota.


So before you chose to go with Hugh's net, Wild Blue or another other Satellite internet service, do a search online, to see what you are getting in to, and to see what others have to about the matter as well.

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