Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its getting there

At the beginning of this pool season my sisters pool water was once again so cloundy that you couldn't even see an inch down. This was the case last season as well, after spending hundreds and hundreds dollars this year she decided not to buy the all the chemicals that she need till he clear up.

The only chemical brought was shock and 3'in col taps. Between May and Now the water stay cloudy, last week after doing some research on pool water, a site ofter this tip, either to try diatomaceous earth or a lithium shocker,  I brought a box of D.E since it was the cheaper of the two. I have used about 10 lbs of this earth and pool water is clearing up big time. You can now see down to the third step, not all the way to the bottom yet, but its getting there. So she has decided to buy all the other chemicals that she need, since she won't be closing her pool til the end of September..

Just a thought don't always go by what the pool guy say, check it out on line, to see how other have handle this problem,,it could save you a bunch of money, like I did with the D.E, since the L Shocker would have costed over 50 bucks where I only paid 20 buck for 25 lbs of D.E vs 6-9, per bag of L Shocker..

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