Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Community Letdown,, What a Surprise.

Well another LGBT event west of 95, I would have to wonder why. Does all the Gays and Lesbians live in west parts of the states, a course not, but it seems that way.

Now I know why, I raked Matt at Q-notes over the coals, for not including the East, or covering the east for Q-notes. Recently I had to apology to Matt; I see why the East wasn’t getting much cover at all.

It was reported in Q-notes that I was hoping to form a LGBT Community Center in the area. I start an event notice on Facebook, and the place of the meeting place a notice of this meeting on their site of events.

So the day of meeting comes and no one but two people shows, both said they found out about meeting for event site of the business that was hosting (provide the space for the meeting). Many people RSVP for this event, yet no one showed, not even the other community member who was hoping to start a Young LGBT center.

It’s amazing that the community can come out to support national protest and cause, but can’t make it when it’s their community is in need or an event for their community. I knew going into this project it wouldn’t be a piece of cake, however I did expect more than two people.

I did get a few emails, claiming that it would never work, because the community in the said city was too self-centered.. They would rather party then do anything for the community. Other emails offer suggestion on programs and funding outlets.

Over all, I must confess that I piss off at my community…

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