Friday, September 25, 2009

I was there, but left before this happen

On Sept 11, I went to Smithfield, NC to photograph those wacky racist teabagger. After I got some great shots within a hour, I decide to leave. A couple of day later while reading one of my fav photo issue blog, click here to visit, I read this on his blog,

The North Carolina protesters had applied for a permit in July but were told they didn’t need one. But days before the event, that all changed and they were told they needed a permit, but by then, it was too late to apply.
In July, Stemler appeared before the Smithfield Town Council and informed the Board of her intentions.  On July 14, Stemler filed a Temporary Use Permit Application with Smithfield Planning Director Paul Embler, but was reportedly told by Embler the permit application was not needed.  Days before the event, Stemler said she learned from Embler a permit was in fact needed but it was too late to receive Council approval.
Now the town of Smithfield is up in arms over the incident.
Smithfield Town Manager Eric Williams tells WTSB he would like to see changes made after police shut down a peaceful 9-11 Patriots Day Rally on the steps of the Johnston County Courthouse Friday afternoon.  Williams also voiced his displeasure with a comment made by a Smithfield police officer on Monday who stated, “Those tea baggers, they got what was coming.”  Williams said, “It is not a comment that makes me very happy.”
Read all about it on the WTSB radio station. You may have to scroll down to find the stories because it doesn’t allow you to link to the individual articles.

These photo belong to WTSB,

I know for the hour I was there the good ole boys weren't there, However as usual they think just because they have the badge they can be complete assholes. I do know a Sheriff did pass by, nothing happen, serval county officials also walked thorough the crown and nothing was said. No raise the issue of a PA system even while they were plugging  it in inside the courthouse.. No one knew nothing which is common place here in NC.. They Love to play stupid..
Damn I wish I had stay now till the end of the rally..

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