Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Those Wacky Nutter at the Christian Action League

Rev. Markk Creech is all upset that he had to fire/layoff a friend who he cherish, because his little group of wacko isn't taking in much money lately.

The Christian Action League is currently under severe financial stress. The economic downturn in our nation is now profoundly affecting our ministry. The matter is so serious that we have been operating simply from week to week and it’s been difficult to may payroll for our staff. Only recently, I was forced to let a staff member go whose service I treasured and I fear that we will be forced to let others go in the near future without swift assistance.

He mad because those group that they fight agaiinst has more money then they do,,, ooh please go cry me a river...
But we must depend upon the Lord and a few faithful warriors for victory. That’s why we are just asking for a commitment of 300, whether persons or churches, to give us $100 right away. A gift of $100 by 300 will clear out our current debt and with the gifts we are currently receiving (conservatively speaking), it should buy us the remainder of this year.

I wonder if those wacky nutter who work in his office, and himself, if they took a pay cut. I wonder.. he isn't asking for help for everyday people, but from churches too,

It is our thinking that this campaign would be an easy way for most churches to participate. We are well-aware that we are not the only ministry struggling. We understand the churches are struggling too. But we thought this approach would be the best way to garner the necessary funds and at the same time keep us from becoming a burden to our brethren. Most churches can assist with a gift of $100. And most can respond quickly to provide a $100 gift without having to get an “act of Congress” approved to send it. Such a gift may be pulled from the benevolence fund, or given by a Sunday School class, or expedited with relative speed by a missions organization in the church.

 I say it go down, let this group crash and burn....

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