Saturday, March 13, 2010

The bashing of the wrong Person

Well this weekend is just getting so screwed that I thought nothing could shock me, well I was wrong, while reading over my daily blog list of blogs that I visit I stop by Interstateq, where I have been bash for someone else's post, how nice...

I don't mind being bash, called a troll or any other name that can be thought of, when someone is responding to something that I have written...But to be completely single out and blame for someones else's post is just blame wrong..
Hey SicknTired, oh I mean “Ok,” you’re obviously not getting the humor and facetiousness of what I’m saying in this post. Please take your always disapproving, always negative outlook on life somewhere else? This is SicknTired, right?
I guess it is easy to think that I wrong it, why not, since this person is a bit piss off with me for my ongling complaining abougt the lack of coverage that Eastern NC gets from our only state LGBT Paper. I know that they claim we can't report it if we don't know about it. On some level this is true, but when you do stories that are a concern on a state level then you can include the east, Just Like Q-note post on the real estate market in NC, they talk to agent in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh, yet couldn't write an email or call any agents in the East to see what they might have to say.

Then again why should a local LGBT community let their only LGBT newspaper know whats going on, if they are always over look by the same paper.???

Back to bash post, He complain that someone basically stole one of his stories and used it in their news letter, then he goes and does the same thing, So I would like to introduce the Pot to the Kettle.

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