Friday, March 19, 2010

Told you Q-notes is only for Charlotte and west of 95

 ok, update, even if the post was about Charlotte, when list other cites in NC he could have group the east as one or at least name one city in the east

The following Counties are those that I feel are a part of Eastern NC.

Northampton, Halifax, Edgecombe, Wilson, Pitt, Greene, Wayne, Lenoir, Jone, Onslow, Perquimans, Pasquotank, Beaufort, Hyde, Dare, Tyrrell, Washington, Martin, Bertie, Chowan, Gate, Duplin, Currituck, Camden I hope i got them all. for a total of 25 counties, with a (according to this site has 1754 gay couples)

Now Q-notes does this piece which can be found here

In 2000, the census revealed close to 600,000 same-sex couples lived in nearly every single county in the nation. The numbers have likely grown in the 10 years since the last nationwide count. One estimate of all same-sex couples in 2004 placed the number at over 700,000.
 In North Carolina, 16,198 same-sex couples were counted. While North Carolina ranks as the 10th largest state by population, it also ranks as the 11th largest in the number of same-sex couples. In the state, Charlotte’s 28205 ZIP code had more same-sex couples than any other ZIP code statewide.
 but here is the kicker, they list some area by zip codes,

Although Charlotte’s 28205 ZIP code has the highest number of same-sex couples, other ways of drilling down the data from the 2000 census reveal different glimpses into LGBT life in North Carolina.

ZIP code by highest number
28205 (Eastway, Charlotte)* 215
27705 (West Durham 138
28806 (West Asheville) 135
27707 (Lakewood, Durham) 130
27701 (Northgate, Durham) 124
ZIP code by percentage** (20 or more couples)
28202 (Downtown Charlotte) 6.18
27601 (Century, Raleigh) 5.34
28801 (Downtown Asheville) 5.01
27701 (Northgate, Durham) 4.68
28204 (Duke, Durham) 4.38
City by highest number
Charlotte 1,443
Raleigh 673
Durham 642
Greensboro 537
Winston-Salem 460
City by percentage** (30 or more couples)
Asheville 2.38
Durham 1.96
Carrboro .88
Monroe 1.71
Henderson 1.59
* East Charlotte ranks sixth (2.88 percent) in the list of ZIP codes by percentage, 20 or more couples.
** Percentage of total number of married and unmarried couples.
— Data compiled by

Now see they list only cities and towns west of 95, proving my point that they don't care about the whole LGBT Community in North Carolina. although Qnotes post is completely about Charlotte.



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