Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it Quoting or Stealing

Today's Question..

Many of us LGBT blogger are on many anti-gay mailing list, to stay inform of what they are saying and doing.

Ok, many of us use their newsletters and post to show just how screwedup they are,but when they used our blog and newspaper post agaisnt us we cry foul....

Recently a very young blogger/news editor is claiming that Rev Creech is stealing his work..

Read what Creech has to say below the fold…
Urgent Action Alert:
Homosexual Activist Mocks the League’s Financial Struggle

‘Those who…read Comer’s Commentary might see what we are up against… The gay community knows that as long as we are weak, they are strong!’ – Rev. Mark Creech
Christian Action League

Ok there is the problem see Mr Creech used five lines of his post as a quote he even included a link to the full post,
Below is Comer’s commentary in full, which may also be accessed by clicking here:

Once again it ok for us to used their stuff against them, but not the other way around... So I guess now the shoe is on the other foot...

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