Thursday, November 3, 2011

ENC: New Executive Director has started, Who Knew, Did you???

According the NC’s Main LGBT Rag of a Newspaper today they posted a piecestuartcampbell stating the New ENC Director who is not from NC, has started his new job at there, sometime last week..

I went though my emails from them, no mention that he had started, a lot damn talk about their Fucking Gala and who’s asses they are kissing this year. Plans concerning phone banking and holding workshops in Raleigh the the Western part of the State, while fucking over Eastern NC..

Campbell spoke with Qnotes three days after starting work, in his first interview with North Carolina press. Fresh on the job and living in an apartment in Raleigh until he can fully move his partner and belongings from Austin, Texas, Campbell said he’d received a warm and embracing welcome.

Which mean he was met the little fucking worm who works for Qnotes.. I see Matt had to work hard to get that interview before the Editor of the Triangle other and much better LGBT paper in Raleigh did.. (proving that our sister can do it better)

The ENC email letters comes from two people in ENC, Jen Jones and Kay Flaminio. Jen write the main today to today emails for the group, while Kay focus on the Gala, however you can bet each email end with them asking for $$$$$…

Their most recently email didn’t even mention that Campbell had started either.

Join us on November 11th  as we continue to have educational conversations about the Anti-LGBT amendment with voters we know will turn out for the May 8th election.

We will be out talking to voters who exit their polling locations informing voters about the harms of the Anti-LGBT amendment and asking them to 'Take the Pledge' to vote against the amendment.  Nervous about talking to voters?  Don't be!  We will provide a full training on how to approach voters, how to politely ignore naysayers, and how to overall have a good time while doing important work against this amendment!  Join us!



  • 6:30am - 9am
  • 11:30am - 1:30pm
  • 4:30pm - 7pm


  • Each location is different -- please inquire with the lead contact listed above for additional information about the trainings!

Don't live in one of these locations but want to volunteer on Election Day? Great!  We'd love for you to go to your local polling location to talk to your neighbors about the amendment.  Email me at and I'll make sure that you receive not only the materials for election day but the training on how to do this important work!

In solidarity,

Sam Parker, Field Director

See nothing for the Eastern NC, I can only guess they agree with Matt Comer that the East is waste of time and money.

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  1. When Eastern NC doesn't show up to vote against the marriage amendment, we'll know who to blame.


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