Sunday, January 8, 2012

WOW, Race to the Ballot supplies list prices, Really a rip off..

Race to the Ballot_1326066812182

I thought you donate/contribute what you could afford to, but these folks have a price list.. Yes a list.

Race to the Ballot_1326066908434

First I thought the shirts, stickers, decals and posters was for us to buy and show off.

Mobile wed access,please almost everyone that will be riding along with this folk have smart phones.. I know each ride don’t need a Sound Amplification, I can understand the food, but please shoes and socks,what these folks can’t buy their own.

NC marriage fight in turing into a damn joke, all thanks to HRC, Qnotes, ENC, and Those groups Gay INC is helping..

ENC Post-card Campaign was a huge failure,, they delivered the cards on the day of the they were basically worthless.. a waste of time and money..

so just who is ripping off the LGBT community and its allies.

Race to the Ballot_1326067304790

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