Monday, January 16, 2012

Model or Photographer making fun of Obese People

So over at the Socialite life, their male Model Monday, maybe a hottie, but a few shots are in very bad taste..

Now I would not find those same images in bad taste if the model was once that big (obese.) That they lost all the weight and they were showing that they once wore a shorts waist size 68 inches or more.


Really, does this model look like he was ever Obese. No.

I don’t blame the model, he is only modeling the clothes that was set out for him, either by the clothes company or the Photographer.

In this case I believe the shot to your left was the Photographer ideal. No Designer would ever do this( I hope they wouldn’t), it could give them a bad name.. I also think it was the Photographer since site didn’t list  (in the image meta file no photographer or copyright info)

You would never seen female doing this I bet..

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