Saturday, January 14, 2012

The NC Marriage Fight is turning into a Fund raiser scam event.

I have no problem support the fund raiser to fight this anti-gay marriage bill, but it seem that the groups that are leading the way is also doing a bit of scamming too..

Race to the Ballot,

Race to the Ballot_1326066908434

I guess we have to buy these runners socks and shoes too. Just who gets the stickers and decals and posters, just how many sound amplification devices do they really need?

Ok, everyone  had a smart phones with web access, so what is the 30 buck really for..

I can support the gas, sponsor a mile or day price/donation..


Now they want to have dinner at nice place in Chapel Hill where you can buy a weeks worth of dinners for two for $100 dollars..


$85/person, $150/couple. really, please this is for one or more reason, one they don’t want every day folks there at this dinner, they want those who have large amount of funds, ie think black tie. They don’t want the type of folks that work at min wage jobs..

One again these orgs are loosely apart of Gay INC..

I hate to see the other fund raiser groups they will think of next..

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