Equality NC has a Survey Out and need your Help

Equality North Carolina (ENC), in order to meet its 2013 New Year’s resolution to serve its supporters, communities and state like never before, is asking for participants in a quick survey.

ENC has promised to take the results and turn them into positive changes in how the statewide LGBT advocacy organization works for its constituents in 2013.

To join in the survey, visit equalitync.org/survey/.

please be completely honest, let them know their downfalls too.

Like these Town hall Meetings, which as of today still no dates sets for January, See here and here.

I can only guess Chris, Jen, Stuart are just fucking around or looking for someone else ideal to steal.. Hell they won’t even reply to emails asking about the town hall meeting.. I’m sure all these meeting will be at last minute with one or two day notice, which mean low turn out..


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