Saturday, January 26, 2013

Now we know why Equality didn’t set any town hall meeting in January..

They were to busy at the Creating Change Event in GA.. Yes the hold fucking gang in GA. Leaving only the interns in the offices of Equality nc..

See photo below (image is hot linked)

(Image link removed by a self rightness ass Gayincer,, If you would like to see the image in question please click here )

Not sure but I think the copyright is Qnotes,, not sure that is why its hot linked..
I guess this is one work/vacation thing for the staff at Equality,,

lets go to GA and fucking forget about the Town hall meeting we’re to set up in January.. Its more important to party in GA for a Week.. When we get back home we’ll again claim we need funds and do another fund raiser for the three town hall meeting that we might set up in February..


  1. As a self-proclaimed photographer, I'm assuming you would not appreciate others using your images without prior permission. Yes, you are correct, the image belongs to QNotes. Please refrain from any future infringement on our intellectual property rights.

  2. actually under the fair cause I didn't need your permission to use it and since the photo was to show my thoughts about my recent comments about the folks at Equality NC and their failure to set up town hall meeting in January, that they rather put all their time in the said event the photo was representing. see my post about fair use. Oops wait you should know that cause, since your a newspaper editor. having my work used with out my persmission doesn't bother me ( its exposure ) and since one of my images is currently being used on a CD cover which the person never ask if she could use it for that, but since my copyright is still on the photo even after she altered the photo in photoshop I could careless.

    So please get over yourself..


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