Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NC GayInc is at it again : 2013 Town Halls Meeting.


I have been in touch with a few folks across this state about the Equality NC Townhall meeting, that were to be set up in January, which never happen, because it was more important for the whole staff of ENC to go to Creating Change in Georgia.. I can only hope they carpooled to save ENC some money..

Anywho, Chris of ENC now is trying to set up three Meeting in Three Cities, base on current issues in those cities.

The meeting in New Bern will cover the recent incident at a local Restaurant, where the owner was exercising his First Amendment rights.. The next is Greenville, to address workplace non-discrimination  and effort to protect them members of the community who works for the  the city. The third and last stop is in Fayetteville, where they want to address the recent discrimination of a Service member and her wife, about joining so member club there.. 

I have been inform that Chris has try to set the New  Bern meeting up via a third person and is having a huge problem with conflicting dates..

So currently no dates are set, but there is still time and I hope that Chris will get on this asap.

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