Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Blender incident

A couple of days ago there was a heated discussion over at Pam’s House Blend about Virginia Fox, and Hate crimes laws and free speech.
my first post,
hate crimes is now every crime (0.57 / 7)
see what hate crime laws have started. We have open Pandora's box, now everything will be a hate crime.. 

by: sickntired @ Tue Apr 28, 2009 at 15:04:01 PM EDT

Ok, in that post I post I fail to fully explain my point.  It would now seen that what ever one said to someone can be construed as hate speech and in some cases a hate crime.

The following follower really had a problem with my statement, “Saywhat?”, “Qscribe”. “Bachalon”, to say the least the discuss turn in braw, and Pam stop it. Which was her right, I have know for year that my mouth gets me in to hot water more then once. However during this discuss, one thing was proven that we are very quick to start the name calling, from I’m a “Republican” to “idiot” to a “mental case”, and my favorite “Moron”.
You're a gay republican aren't you? Because your need to defend the straight people is mighty telling of your own self-hatred.
Sorry to say I’m not a Republican, and no I don’t hate my self, However I do hate the fact that we (lgbt community) need to play the fucking victim card, over and over and over, it old hat and very tired.
we need to get the laws apply equally but claiming that we need this to protect ourselves is just stupid,
I would rather have equally protection under that laws (for crimes committed against me) then this other crap we have been fighting for.
i would rather have acceptance instead of marriage.
Which by the way won't and isn't a cure for all our problems. 

by: sickntired @ Tue Apr 28, 2009 at 15:50:02 PM EDT
The thought behind this post is that we should have lobby and fought to have current laws applied equally and fairly, instead of insisting on the creation of new laws to help protect us, which by the way hate crime law doesn’t really, it only add time to a sentence after the person is convicted of the crime.
Its funny.. (3.00 / 1)
Cause I'd rather have the marriage than the acceptance. Because people have a right to their stupidity and I respect their American right to that. Now 'acceptance' in the form of housing protection, employment, and the like to the basic essentials? That's what i want.
But you don't have to like faggots. Because this one prolly doesn't like you either... lol.

by: saywhat? @ Tue Apr 28, 2009 at 16:12:08 PM EDT
Many of the LGBT community thinks that if we get the right to marry that its going to solve all our problems, which it won’t.

We need to face the fact that we are truly pushing our lifestyle on others, Well, actually the Lesbians are, one might ask what do I mean by this, well lets take E-harmony and a photographer in New Mexico, for not servicing our needs. This is forcing the issue, no matter how we would like to hide it, this is forcing our choice on others. We sue when we can’t get our way, and force other to accept us.

Then Blender Bachalon said this
The fact remains that we ARE victims; perhaps not as much as some would have people think, but while DADT, DOMA, and other GLBT specific laws remain, we are victims.
Nice, we are victims as long as DADT, DOMA, and other GLBT specific laws remain, just what other laws are you talking about???

Face it we need to stop playing the fucking victim card and just live our lives. It seen to me that the only one really who wants marriage is the Lesbians since it seen that they are the first to the office and to the church.

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