Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christians up in arms over Death Sentence

American Christians are mad as hell that a couple of Christians in Muslim countries have been convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death. Conveniently, they forget their own religion’s history of just that. And some of ‘em are secretly salivating, wishing like hell the U.S. Constitution was a little more like Sharia law, only for Christians. After all, isn’t that what they mean when they say this is a Christian country? And forget that “Judeo” crap they tack on sometimes. Why, down in Texas, where Real Christians run the show, a bigwig named John Cook is gonna make sure that Jew boy who’s the House speaker loses his job. But it’s not because he’s anti-Semitic, mind you. And it’s not about Joe Strauss’ religion. It’s because Christian conservatives “do the best job over all.”




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