Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do you have a single positive or non-jaded bone in your body?

Yes this is what a certain young guy ask me on Facebook. I comment that a LA porn Star was bitching and whining for catching a few STD's. Because he choose to work in this field.. Its not like STD's are new. He chose to work in porn, he thought that since he had a nice body and nice size cock, that this was the way to many some easy money..

Now he wants to play stupid, I guess he slept through school and while he was surfing the net.
The 24-year-old worked as a hotel manager and cruise ship magician before becoming a performer in the lucrative porn industry.
He now said he wishes he had known more about the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases in the industry.

He chose to have sex for money without a condom. That right, he chose to do it and now he acts like a damn victim..

I can guess the fast cash and a quick nut over rule his head..
The Sydney Morning Herald reported that porn star Derrick Burts, who recently tested positive for HIV, is urging the industry to make condom use mandatory. The 24-year-old actor accepts roles in both straight

 and gay films. Burts has a girlfriend, but insists that he contracted the disease during a shoot for an adult film. Burts works under the names of Cameron Reid for his straight porn roles and Derek Chambers for his gay films. Currently the porn industry discourages the use of condoms for monetary reasons. Porn with condoms just doesn't sell as well.

Mr Derrick just who gave you what and when, was it the women or the men...

So which producer force you to do it?

Now he wants to blame the porn business.. He could have said no, not with a condom. 

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