Friday, December 10, 2010

Pam see the light concerning HRC, well Joe anyway

Who would have thought that after having major surgery, that Pam would see the light about Joe Solmonese the head of HRC.. So insightful that even David Mixner loves her piece.. 

"It's time for the Human Rights Campaign's Joe Solmonese to tender his resignation.

By any sane performance metrics, he has failed to successfully lead. Promises like those made in the "This year we are going to bring down DADT" video at the HRC Carolina's dinner on Feb. 27 were used to extract money from low-info, fat wallet attendees. It's rinse and repeat at events like that around the country and there is precious little to show for it in terms of the major promises made by Solmonese -- and this President

I'm also glad that she finally prove/agree that these HRC dinners are used to extract money from the Rich Fat Cats, like David Mixner and others..
Joe Solmonese should do the honorable thing and step down. It is shameful to cash all those checks without the follow through on the job. The White House was never put under serious pressure; the late calls now in the e-blasts for the President to do something ring hollow after the toadying that has gone on for two years." 
Pam how else will he gets his huge pay check?

She even ask the follow,
It is not divisive to ask what have we gotten for the $80 million that flowed into the coffers of the Human Rights Campaign when it comes to leadership. Those funds -- were they effectively used to ensure promised action on by this President on his major promises?
Well we have gotta a few fancy dinners and PSA and some nice gift with HRC logo on them. However Joe has gotta alot more, hundreds of first class fights all over the world, limos and lets not forget his almost 1/3 of million dollar yearly pay.. and those of the things what we know of..

Lets not forget that he was ready to throw the Trans-community under the bus if it would get ENDA pass, Remember they protest the HRC dinner that was held in Charlotte a few years back

Ms Pam has a point on this one.
In any case, critics haven't any power to change the strategic vision (such as it is), within HRC, and if those in charge simply blow off any criticism, is the community expected to sit silent with hands politely folded? There certainly hasn't been a private summit to discuss the myriad problems that have arisen, nor does there appear to be any feedback mechanism desired. I don't expect that it would occur, anyway, given the bunker mentality in place.
and her best advice yet,
And as far as calls for accountability for new media/bloggers/citizen activists? Hey, that's easy -- people won't read what doesn't interest them, and our voices are limited by time -- we're not news services. As we all know here at the Blend, all it takes is a health issue to take me offline for a good long while. Voices will come and go. 
Pam knows that her voice/blog is heard/read around the world... Maybe this will get some stuff moving in the right direction..

However I would like to see Pam Support her local LGBT community a bit more. Even if she doesn't agree, she could still let others know through her blog, the "what, where, when, and how."

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