Saturday, December 10, 2011

Same Sex Domestic Shooting in Wendell, NC


For reasons unknown as yet, Tariq Taylor went to the Food Lion in Wendell and shot his partner and three others..

Police say the shooter, Tariq James Taylor, 21, was aiming for his partner, Jason Jeffery, 20, who worked at the grocery store at 2837 Wendell Blvd. Jeffrey was shot multiple times and was hospitalized in critical condition.

This is a major tragedy with in our community and the local community of Wendell.

Then Tariq took his own life..

Jeffery called police around noon Wednesday, about six hours before the shooting at the grocery store, and told officers that Taylor had assaulted him and that he was afraid, according to a search warrant. Police advised him to get warrants and a domestic violence protective order.

This is why we need equal protection under the law. If this was a straight couple and Jeffery was the female she would have been able to get an emergency order of protection ASAP.

However my question is why hasn’t Qnote wrote about this tragedy. I can only guess the killing of the lesbian at the bar in Charlotte is more important than this one.. Or the shooting of a gay man far east of Charlotte just doesn’t matter.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. Even more than an order of protection, the police would have taken out a criminal warrant for the assault.


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