Friday, December 9, 2011

Its that Time again: 2012 HRC North Carolina Gala

This February the 25th, HRC will host it 17th Annual Convention and Gala in Charlotte, NC. This Year also mark the end of Joe Solmonese piss poor management reign.

Over the year the LGBT community has make it clear that if you are anti-gay, we won’t support you and will do everything in our power to close you down. The most notable are Chick-fil a, and the Salvation Army just to name a few.

Yet No one is bitching about who is support this gala.

Here are a few of current and past sponsors,

American Express, Audi of America, Inc, Bank of America, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina, Compass Group, Duke Energy, Duke Medicine, Food Lion, IBM, Krispy Kreme, Lowe’s, McKinney, Progress Energy, RBC Bank, Sara Lee Corporation, TIAA-CREF, Time Warner Cable, Wachovia – a Wells Fargo Company and Whole Foods.

From the HRC-NC Facebook Page,

Join us for the 17th Annual HRC North Carolina Gala & Silent Auction to be held on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Charlotte Convention Center. This annual fundraising event brings together the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight ally communities while benefiting the Human Rights Campaign.
Presenting Sponsors:
Bank of America
Time Warner Cable
Wells Fargo

Now these companies may support our community base on sexual expression, but they are working together to destroy many of our freedoms and yet no one cares. Time Warner and many other cable internet companies would love to over turn Net Neutrality, Let not forget what the banks did..

Yet on their redesign site they don’t list of yet local NC companies that are sponsors this Gala, I have to wonder why.

Now I do know that ENC and Qnotes are right up HRC’s Ass.. In there eyes HRC does no wrong.. Hell, lets not forget the year that many Trans-sexuals Advocates boycott and protest HRC’s Gala in Charlotte a few years back, for throwing them under the bus. In hopes to get EDNA passed..

Let not forget that Joe the President of HRC makes over 1/3 of a million dollars a year, and he only flies first class and must have limo service every time he leave DC for one of these Galas or any other HRC Business.

While many of there Gay Orgs Presidents/directors take the cheapest travel ways to save their Orgs money.. but for Joe it First Class only..

Joe Solmonese’s tenure at HRC in this position has been the subject of plenty of criticism by many.

Their Gala costs are completely different depending on location. The three most expensive Galas are DC, New York, and anywhere in CA.. Yet in almost every gala the speaker is a straight supporter. Very rare, are the Speakers them selves gay, and most of the Time like here in NC, the Key Note Speaker is from out of State.

The LA Gala is the kiss the asses of the actor/ess which many of in the close, the NY Gala is for Rich ass bastards and the DC is for Politicians. Rest of the Galas are for those whom can afford to make it; just for the mere chance of meeting someone famous.

So just donate your Gala money to a LGBT orgs that really needs it and actually works for the betterment of the community..

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