Monday, December 5, 2011

@ProtectNC: Video, doesn’t included the whole community, Why?

A Video was produce at NCSU, title why I’m voting against Amendment 1,in the May elections.. I have no problem with that. This bill need to be defeated, Period.. see tweet,

Most LGBT folks of color will tell you the LGBT rights are LGBT Rich White folks rights, and this Video rams that point across so clearly its not funny.

In the Video there is two white males and four or five white females.. I can only guess the day they made this video only white students were left/on campus at the time..

No trans-sexuals, no other races as well. That right, the maker of this video completely left our the Africa-America people. I hate to tell my follow fags and dykes, that we need our Africa-America brothers and sister to defeat this bill.

Also it would seem that our fight against this Bill will be fought out of Charlotte, NC and they have pick who will be leading this fight, which I’m sure they will not involve Eastern NC till late April if at all.

Twitter - @protectNC- What's your reason for vot ..._1323060356383.pngVideo link here


Head's Up Queen City- Meet the Man Leading the Campaign Against the Anti-LGBT Amendment!_1323060409408

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