Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best TV Shows with LGBT Characters: Shameless promotes, underage sex, pedophilia

Shameless (Showtime)
Gay son Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and grandma Nana (Chloe Webb) are part of the Gallagher clan around which this family dramedy is set. There are four supporting gay or bi characters, including one played by Persian-American actor Pej Vahdat and two black lesbians (portrayed by Carlease Burke and Miss Doty).

Yes this is a great show, where Ian a underage boy slut himself around town having sex.. Where his boss, and older man has sex with him, better where Ian tops his boss.. Which would land any man in jail for 10 to life, for having sex with an underage person..

This is where the fundie get that we want young boys to have sex with, to recruit them. Yet HBO and Advocate and other groups praise them.

I’m so glad that the fundies are making up this stuff..

Shameless promotes, underage sex, pedophilia, grand theft, child abandonment, drug use, check fraud, underage drinking, credit card fraud, possible incest, kidnapping, breaking and entering and the list goes on.

Yet this show praise by our community for its inclusive of the lgbt community. OMG what standards we have these days

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