Thursday, December 29, 2011

Campaign for Southern Equality, is it a NC group or SC group??

If CSE is a NC Group, if so then why are some many of their events in Greenville SC? Yes, a few have happen in their home City of Ashville NC.

This is who they are from, their site.



Based in the South, the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE) is a national effort to assert the full humanity and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in American life and to increase public support for LGBT rights.

What We Do

CSE is based in Asheville, NC, and will be growing to other Southern communities. Our three-pronged approach involves:

  1. coordinated public actions that directly resist discriminatory laws;
  2. providing support and crisis response services to LGBT people as they take such action and in times of need; and
  3. telling a new story about LGBT lives to the American public, including those who oppose or are conflicted about our rights.

Starting in June 2011, we’ll be hosting monthly Family Dinners in the Asheville area that bring together LGBT folks and allies of all ages to share a home-cooked meal and connect to these actions.

Ethical Basis

CSE’s work is based upon Empathic Resistance, a new ethic which calls for 1) resisting persecuting systems by expressing the authentic self in persecuting environments; and 2) approaching those who oppose your rights with empathy.


CSE emerges from The Progressive Project’s work on political campaigns and on LGBT rights since 2004.

I yet to see them held any type fo action east of Ashville, NC

Asheville, NC to Greenville, SC - Google Maps_1325136259103all events in SC is about an hour and half from Asheville, NC



December 17 Family Dinner- Greenville, SC « Campaign for Southern Equality_1325136144433November Family Dinner_1325136088109WE DO Campaign- Family Dinner_1325136065692Alex & Lindsey's Christmas Party Benefiting Campaign for Southern Equality_1325136036361Campaign for Southern Equality_1325135923442Campaign for Southern Equality_1325135893889Campaign for Southern Equality_1325135660923Greenville WE DO Training Session_1325135603502

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