Thursday, December 29, 2011

Qnotes: Failure

frontpage_sm.jpghhEarly December Tariq Taylor went to Food lion in Wendell where his partner worked and open fired on the his partner and a few customer.


Police have identified the man who they said opened fire in a Food Lion and shot three people.

Investigators said Tariq Taylor was trying to shoot his boyfriend in Wendell Wednesday night but that he also shot two other Food Lion employees.

Witnesses said one person was shot in the back and is in critical condition.

However this story wasn’t important enough, here are some reason why Qnotes ignore this story,

  1. It didn’t happen in Charlotte
  2. it didn’t happen in a Gay Bar
  3. it wasn’t a str8 on gay  hate crime

So I have to wonder why this wasn’t even mention a blog post on Qnotes.

Here are all the posts written by Qnotes staff on the Bar Stabbing,

Community gathers after Uptown bar reopens

Hartigan's Irish Pub was scene of fatal stabbing on Sunday

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 8, 2011

Woman charged in bar stabbing death

Updated: Woman stabbed at local gay bar Sunday morning

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 4, 2011

Stabbing at Hartigan’s shakes community

Accused woman stabbed victim in neck, abdomen; Bar owners say allegations of wrongdoing are false

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 24, 2011 |

Family: Stabbing victim denied first aid in uptown bar fight

Woman was kept from giving help that might have saved life after bar fight, she says

by The Charlotte Observer | via Charlotte News Alliance
December 6, 2011 |

Bar: Allegations of wrongdoing after stabbing incident ‘simply not true’

Hartigan's Irish Pub owner had been accused of preventing first aid to murder victim on Sunday

by Matt Comer | Editor |
December 7, 2011

Yet a gay man shot by is partner while at work, where others were shot too, the Current Editor and Staff of Qnotes doesn't thing this deserve any attention. I guess this type of crime is too straight in nature for a gay rag like Qnotes.

Yet if the Gay Food Lion employee was shot by a stranger while shout “faggot” “cocksucker”, and other hateful terms and the local PD did nothing about it. Matt Comer, the Editor of Qnotes would have been all over this story like Michael Cain on a white secretary.

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