Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Bunch of Gayinc’ers to meet in Philly this weekend.

yes Bill of the Bilerico Project has once again con the Haas Foundtion to flip the bill for this event, which is a vacation type thing for Bill, and a day at the spa.. 

These are some who might be there,, Many write for his Blog, which they are not paid, so in a way this event is like a pad holiday for them via Bill.

They will be on Twitter too at this has tag, #lgbtmedia13


  • David Badash (New Civil Rights Movement)
  • Matthew Bajko (Bay Area Reporter)
  • Matt Baume (Gay Marriage Watch)
  • Andrew Belonsky (Towleroad)
  • Trish Bendix (AfterEllen)
  • Sarah Blazucki (NLGJA board member)
  • Lester Braithwaite (Queerty/GayCities)
  • Bil Browning (Bilerico Project)
  • Sean Bugg (Metroweekly)
  • Kelli Busey (PlanetTransgender)
  • Faith Cheltanham (BiNetUSA)
  • Jen Christensen (NLGJA board president)
  • Jen Colletta (Philly Gay News)
  • Matt Comer (Q Notes)
  • Laura Douglas-Brown (GA Voice)
  • Andres Duque (Blabbeando)
  • Kevin Farrell (Unicorn Booty)
  • Zack Ford (ThinkProgress)
  • Chris Geidner (Buzzfeed)
  • EJ Graff (American Prospect)
  • Lucas Grindley (The Advocate)
  • Jeremy Hooper (Good As You)
  • Andy Humm (Gay USA)
  • Ben Jenkins (Between the Lines)
  • Joe Jervis (Joe.My.God.)
  • Ileana Jimenez (Feminist Teacher)
  • Rebecca Juro (Rebecca Juro Show)
  • Ed Kennedy (AfterElton)
  • Sue Kerr (Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondants)
  • Mark King (My Fabulous Disease)
  • Jamillah King (Colorlines)
  • Shaun Knittel (Seattle Gay News)
  • Will Kohler (Back2Stonewall)
  • Michael Lavers (Washington Blade)
  • Rod McCollum (Rod 2.0)
  • Noah Michelson (Huffington Post)
  • David Mixner (
  • Grace Moon (Velvet Park)
  • Ann Northrop (Gay USA)
  • Sue O'Connell (Bay Windows)
  • Jason Parsley (South Florida Gay News)
  • Eric Resnick (Gay People's Chronicle)
  • Monica Roberts (Transgriot)
  • Mike Rogers (RawStory)
  • Erin Rook (PQ Monthly)
  • Matthew Rose (NLGJA)
  • Steve Rothaus (Miami Herald)
  • Dana Rudolph (Mombian)
  • Paul Schindler (Gay City News)
  • Mark Segal (Philadelphia Gay News)
  • Aishah Shahidah Simmons (Filmmaker)
  • Kate Sosin (Windy City Times)
  • Adele Stan (Alternet)
  • David Stern (Frontiers)
  • Angela Thomas (Philly Gay News)
  • Jos Truitt (Feministing)
  • Michael Tune (NLGJA Executive Director)
  • Jose Antonio Vargas (Define American)
  • Daniel Villareal (
  • Rex Wockner (Freelance)
  • Scott Wooledge (Daily Kos)

Don’t forget they are have a meetup too in a Bar,..


  1. And so you have a problem with this why, exactly?

    And just for the record, I, as well as many if not most of the other people on this list are the farthest thing from Gay Inc. you can imagine.

  2. my problem is there is no accountability of said event just like the last three..

  3. Accountability in what sense? And to whom" This is what I'm not getting here. Just what do you think was going on at this event that you believe needs accounting for?

    Seriously, I'm not trying to be purposely negative, I really just don't understand what your issue is here.


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