Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jeremy Hooper the Kept Boy, commented on me..

Jeremy who blogs at Goodasyou.com, had the following to say about me..


SickNTired is someone who has a weird vendetta against anyone who actually shows up and engages in this fight. This person spent his or her entire weekend on a hashtag for an LGBT Media Summit I attended just want only attacking anyone and everything. If you want to make the effort to locate this person's twitter account, you can see it for yourself. I will not link to it.

This person's odd obsessions and bizarre character assassinations (which have ranged from attacking people's financial situations, questioning Pam Spaulding's health, knocking my marriage, claiming we're all "kept" by "Gay Inc," etc.) have become running jokes of just about any LGBT conference. He or she never shows up to anything, he or she never makes an effort to actually understand where anyone is coming from, he or she never does anything resembling heavy lifting. Instead, this person attacks for sport, often in a very personal way. Some find it annoying while others find it enraging. I find it sad and unfortunate that someone would channel his or her passions in this way when he or she could actually be helping to change the deep problems he or she apparently sees within our movement.

My suggestion is to ignore it. The negative energy is not worth the time.

If he did a good search on me, like he does on everything NOM, he would have seen that I have attend and photography many rallies and posts here in North Carolina, I had supply Qnotes with some photos of these events. Also he might have found the Qnotes piece, which is a basic attack piece on me through my partner.

Then again I don’t’ except for a kept boy to do anything like work..

Jeremy born in the fall of 1979, graduated from a school in Tenn in 1997, he moved to New York in 2002, where I guess he meet his keeper. He starts his blog in 2005, then in 2009 married his keeper. Since he is a kept boy he had time to write a book in 2012. Also has the time to do in depth research on NOM..

Now just like I don’t know his daily routine, in turn he doesn’t know mine. so to write that I don’t do anything in my community concerning Gayright is pure conjecture.

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