Sunday, February 3, 2013

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I just don’t under stand why a LGBT newspaper need to revisit the sexual past of the community, better yet even have a full blown sex issue. However Qnotes see a need where its not needed. Then again it about money and more exposure for a Newspaper that is hanging on. I’m willing to bet its on life-support..

This issue the folks at Qnotes wants us to revisit the 70’s were sex were not a life and death game. Where if you caught anything it could be cure by a few shots or a week or two worth of pills.

They even have a Poll asking “do you believe society will ever be able to again experience the same kind of sexual freedom that existed in the 1970’s.”

Really, if the truth is to be told its still happening, it just not happening at the piers, or the bath houses. Barebacking is still going on, gay men still are cruising the restroom and the parks. Gay men having sex where ever they can, some safe and other not safe at all.

Many of us know our gay past, do we really need it to be bought up at every turn and by newspaper editors just out to make a buck?

However Qnotes doesn’t fail to maintain it’s all about Charlotte.. With this headline title “Do Young adult matter to your Charlotte LGBTQ organization?” Well I guess now all of NC Gay Orgs are now in Charlotte only. It should have been “to your NC Org’s. Also, it seem all the LGBT training must also happen in Charlotte.

Yes for those who live in the Eastern Parts of NC, you don’t matter to Qnotes. yes, We are a waste of their time and money. (yes I’m paraphrasing a comment from Matt). However its not only Qnotes that believes this.. Equality NC does too, if they spent as much time in the East as they did in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte and Ashville, the out come from Amendment One might have been different. Since those who supported the Amendment won every Eastern County but one.

GayInc will be the death of many of our rights. GayInc is slowly killing our rights to free speech, if you think they are not, then you are wrong. In Canada the song ‘money for nothing” was censored, yes cause it had the word Faggot in it. In the US anyone who doesn’t agree with GayInc immediately branded as a bigot or homophobe. Like recent a NFL Football player made a statement that there should be no gay Footballer player. This is his opinion which is entitled too. However GayInc doesn’t see this way.. 

I just love how Gayinc has to gay everything up, Like this head “Gayest. Inauguration Ever.” really, just how was it gay, please do tell. That right the President mention us and Stonewall and the right for us to marry. Just because he mention those items doesn’t make the Inauguration a Gay event.

Lets not forget how to GayInc if you are an Actor/ess and in the closet you must come out. Hell, GayInc have been try for years to out Tom Cruise, John T, and many others. Mostly Ed Koch, they are trying to out.

Remember that we are own worst enemy.. Also GayInc doesn’t like those who speak out against them.


Note: the image is being used under the fair use cause, copyright credit goes to Qnotes.

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