Monday, February 4, 2013

Score one for ME, I actually got them to do something

I email the following to Equality NC folks, thru my main email address, which was my mistake but since Matt of Qnotes make the link to SNT and me its doesn’t matter anymore..

I see that no dates were set for January and the dates were moved to February.

It was post on FB via a Friend that you have set one up for the 11th in New Bern, yet their has been no notice or announcement of this meeting on your Facebook page nor your website.

I was wonder why you guys would want these meetings to be a failure..

waiting till the last minute to announce this meeting will only result in very low turn out.. Is that your goal.

Better yet is it because New Bern falls in Eastern NC where you and other groups have declare that we are not worthy of your time.

I guess this will be the status quo for the Greenville  meeting as well..


sent at 9 46 am

I receive a reply,

now on Facebook there is this.

Make Our Voices Count_Town Hall Tour_New Bern_20130204_112021.png

I would like to know why it took me getting bitchy for them to put the word out about his event.

I have notice this how they do things.. They did same thing back in the summer of 2012, First they didn’t want to hold a Rally about the Marriage amendment then decide to after someone else was planning one..

However you will love the reason why it took them so long to post this information on FB and their site (oops as of 11:25 webpage not updated).

Why did it take my email criticism to get this done???

Ok the reason why they couldn’t post the meeting info.

IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE FLU.. I shit you not.. and here I thought it was their mini vacation to GA for the Creating Charge bullshit.. Wait there is another reason the planning of HKonJ event..

Please HKonJ is plan by another group, and other group join in.. in this case ENC is walks with them holding their little banner..

here is the Kicker from Chris’s email

“We need your help, not your criticism.” spoken like a true GayIncer..

So how we are not allow to Criticize our Gay Org’s, this reminds me of the following,

if you want to see who is in charge, ask  yourself who are you not allowed to criticize.

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