Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shocking News from Qnotes..

You know it has been said and paraphrase that Eastern NC is a waste of time and money for Qnotes to report about. Well Qnotes decided to give up some of their very precious time, money and web space for a article from the east.

How don’t go, finally we matter to Qnotes, cause if the said event wasn’t being hosted by Equality NC, I bet Qnotes would have kept up  the status quo, we don’t matter. It is also shocking that we matter to Equality NC since they didn’t do much in the East doing the Amendment 1 campaign. But they run here after two lesbians gets a letter condemning their relationship..

so here is the post on Qnotes

Equality NC kicks off town hall tour in New Bern

He got most of the info from Jen Jones of ENC via twitter and emails. which is ok.

I only hope that he gives Greenville the same time and treatment as he did to New Bern, but I’m not holding my breath at all.

The Greenville event can be found here, I hope this event is a success. I in Greenville the subject of the meeting is to address workplace non-discrimination and efforts in the city to protect LGBT public employees.

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